Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I am done done done!! I am no longer in MYP (Middle Year Programme). Well first of all I wanna let you guys know that I left London last week and now I actually live in Tokyo for my father's job. That is why I haven't been online this month at all! Well let's go back to what we are supposed to talk. Now tell me how insane are these stunners?

Words hardly describe how much I love this. Well these Alexander Wang's spring 2010 sunglasses have nice pointed cat eye frames! And it was purely by accident that I found the fake one in Harajyuku, Tokyo yesterday. I was hanging out with Emiko who is one of my fashionable friends and she took me to ¥390 SHOP a.k.a Thank You Mart. Literally Almost all goods including T-shirts and shoes are 390 yen ($3.5)!!

Top sunglasses are what I bought yesterday!
So no more words... Just look at them!

Finally I am grateful to Emiko for her help. She always makes all friends excited with her hot body :P and sunshine allure!

Have a nice summer everyone!!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Big Fish, Little Fish

I hate Sunday afternoons. Simply because they are boring and everything I do on Sundays became kind of routine. Especially a habit of studying. Well today I got up at 11 and randomly leafed through POP magazine issue 21. The fact I was/am supposed to read chemistry books because tomorrow I've got a test. Anyways when I saw these photos, I just fall in love with these. I not only used to love Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast' or something really fairy but also I marvel both 'Edgy' and 'Old-fashioned' are weirdly coexist in these photos. I mean I've thought 'Edgy' and 'Old-fashioned' are completely different things..
I've been interested in patchwork (quilts) since I went to Victoria and Albert museum's exhibition called 'Quilts: 1700 - 2010' in London two months ago. Actually I made a bag used by patchwork technique in CDT lesson . So I know how hard patchwork processes are. Well in this photo: tweed patchwork skirt by Chanel, Bridge cotton jacket by Paul Smith.

In this photo: Clutch bag by Nancy Gonzalez, Lace hat by Rizvi Millinery

In this photo: Trench coat and white shoes (left) by Burberry Prorsum, White bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Brown shoes (right) by Sergion Ross.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

After seeing Tim Walker's photos, I suddenly wanted to take fashion photos that are amazingly sassy.

So I randomly chose some of my vintage clothes, squashed them into the case, and went to school with this massive case!

Well here are a few pictures that I took in my friend's house. Oh these are the first pictures of actual people I am posting!!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Look at her natural smile! It's a stunning shot, even though you cannot see the skirt that my friend's mother made. ( slightly see that?) First sight, it seems so old-fashioned, but the edge of the skirt is decorated with gorgeous black lace. What a shame that I cannot show you completely this fabulous skirt...

Oh I love this dress so much.. I bought this dress from the vintage shop in Paris called KILIWATCH. I fortunately came across this absolutely beautiful dress from tons of vintage dresses!

Well any advice, comments??
I’m really happy with these, simply they are so beautiful.

yours sincerely, Mika

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bonjour everyone

Well I am here... Basically I have been interested in fashion, and also taking fashion photographs. And I finally decided to start my own fashion blog. I'm going to start posting blogs as much as possible! I'm pretty computer illiterate by the way... Well I plan to post pictures in the near future, but for now I just started.
Anyway thanks for visiting my page. Hope you enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,