Wednesday, 2 June 2010

After seeing Tim Walker's photos, I suddenly wanted to take fashion photos that are amazingly sassy.

So I randomly chose some of my vintage clothes, squashed them into the case, and went to school with this massive case!

Well here are a few pictures that I took in my friend's house. Oh these are the first pictures of actual people I am posting!!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Look at her natural smile! It's a stunning shot, even though you cannot see the skirt that my friend's mother made. ( slightly see that?) First sight, it seems so old-fashioned, but the edge of the skirt is decorated with gorgeous black lace. What a shame that I cannot show you completely this fabulous skirt...

Oh I love this dress so much.. I bought this dress from the vintage shop in Paris called KILIWATCH. I fortunately came across this absolutely beautiful dress from tons of vintage dresses!

Well any advice, comments??
I’m really happy with these, simply they are so beautiful.

yours sincerely, Mika


  1. I see the edge of her skirt!!! I can just see it in my brain how it looks like. That dress is stunning on you. You look beautiful. :)


  2. Natural light is always your friend. Thats my advice. Great start. Lovely and fresh

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    1st photo is cute smile!
    I love 2nd and 3rd photo.
    It's like a "Alice in Wonderland".

  4. You clearly have a passion for fashion! Don't let it die away, that's my biggest advice. The second photo is lovely, very quintessential! If you are into Tim Walker try and get hold of "Pictures." Although it's expensive it is truely WONDERFUL.

    Amore di Tildy x