Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I am done done done!! I am no longer in MYP (Middle Year Programme). Well first of all I wanna let you guys know that I left London last week and now I actually live in Tokyo for my father's job. That is why I haven't been online this month at all! Well let's go back to what we are supposed to talk. Now tell me how insane are these stunners?

Words hardly describe how much I love this. Well these Alexander Wang's spring 2010 sunglasses have nice pointed cat eye frames! And it was purely by accident that I found the fake one in Harajyuku, Tokyo yesterday. I was hanging out with Emiko who is one of my fashionable friends and she took me to ¥390 SHOP a.k.a Thank You Mart. Literally Almost all goods including T-shirts and shoes are 390 yen ($3.5)!!

Top sunglasses are what I bought yesterday!
So no more words... Just look at them!

Finally I am grateful to Emiko for her help. She always makes all friends excited with her hot body :P and sunshine allure!

Have a nice summer everyone!!


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  1. you got some great buys! very jealous, i have been lasting after the wang sunglasses for some time and can't afford the real ones! i wish they stocked the fake ones in australia!
    thankyou for your comment :) x